¿Violencia obstétrica? una modalidad de violencia de género, análisis de casos en el Hospital Carlos Cornejo Rosello Vizcardo, Ázangaro 2022

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Universidad Andina Néstor Cáceres Velásquez
The purpose of the research is to establish that obstetric violence is a form of gender violence at the Carlos Cornejo Rosello Vizcardo Hospital, Azángaro, during the year 2022. The methodology used is a quantitative approach, based on a hypothetical deductive method, of basic nature, with a descriptive level and a non-experimental design and carried out transversally in time. Regarding the sample, it consists of 148 immediate puerperal mothers from the Carlos Cornejo Rosello Vizcardo de Azángaro Hospital and to whom the questionnaire technique was applied. Results: 71.6% of the puerperal women affirm that obstetricians do have an authority figure during childbirth. Conclusions: it is corroborated that obstetric violence is a modality of gender violence in the Carlos Cornejo Rosello Vizcardo Hospital, Azángaro 2022. This since the immediate puerperal women are victims of mental and physical violence that are carried out by the obstetrician who holds a figure of authority.
Atención obstétrica, Violencia obstétrica, Violencia de género, Puérperas